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Bagaicha opens fine dining with Yeti, Rolls King, Omakase, and more

Bagaicha opens fine dining with Yeti, Rolls King, Omakase, and more

Bagaicha Kathmandu
Bagaicha Kathmandu
Bagaicha Kathmandu
Bagaicha Kathmandu
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Bagaicha Kathmandu

Kathmandu has a new garden on its food map, and it houses a number of food eateries at its location in Bhatbhateni. Named Bagaicha, the eatery has a total of 17 food outlets coming under one roof.

Bagaicha’s concept is quite different from what we are used to seeing when it comes to food places in Kathmandu. It’s like a mall with 17 different food eateries in one place; however, not all of them will open doors to customers initially. Bagaicha seems to have the restaurant openings planned in phases. As of writing this, there are seven different eateries open to customers at Bagaicha: Yeti The Himalayan Kitchen, Rolls King, Omakase, Pure, The Workshop Eatery, Bagaicha Bar, and Bagaicha Wine.

This is the first time that Yeti The Himalayan Kitchen and Rolls King are operating their kitchens in Nepal. While they are franchises from India, their food menus are tweaked to cater to Nepalese food eaters. Bagaicha’s Italian kitchen, called Pure, brings the open kitchen experience when you order Italian delicacies at Pure.

Omakase by Hokkaido Ramen House at Bagaicha offers a variety of Japanese food items, from ramen, sushi, and teppanyaki dishes to Japanese-inspired drinks. Omakase says it has something Japanese for everyone.

Pure Italian Kathmandu
Pure / The Foodius

Bagaicha invites you to embark on a culinary adventure that celebrated life. Our team of expert chefs carefully selects the finest product and partners with aQysta to source ingredients straight from the farm. We aim to create immersive culinary journeys that awaken your senses and leave a lasting impression.


Finally! The Workshop Eatery is now in Kathmandu as well (from Lalitpur). The burger joint is housed on the ground floor with cozy seating, and an interior similar to its Sanepa outlet.

At Bagaicha, customers can place their orders from across the restaurants sitting in one place or choose to order from a select eatery at its fine dining space. For drinks, there’s Bagaicha Bar and Wine that are operated by Bagaicha itself.

The Workshop Eatery Kathmandu
The Workshop Eatery / The Foodius

Bagaicha will be bringing more dining experiences, including a food court and a banquet hall, soon. All of these will make the food outlet count 17 when it’s fully operational. Additionally, there’s Studio Pepperfry on the ground floor next to The Workshop Eatery. Studio Pepperfry is a concept store of India’s Pepperfry, an online marketplace for furniture and home decor.

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