Pasa Deli by Roadhouse brings Segafredo Zanetti in Kathmandu

Pasa Deli by Roadhouse
Pasa Deli by Roadhouse
Pasa Deli by Roadhouse
Pasa Deli by Roadhouse
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Pasa Deli by Roadhouse

The food map of Kathmandu welcomes a new eatery in Bhatbhateni called Pasa Deli. Coming under the Roadhouse brand, the cafe serves coffee, breakfast, brunch, and bakery items.

Pasa Deli offers a picturesque setting with its all-white interior and some pinewood furniture. The green indoor plants and bouquets placed around the table bring the minimal design of the cafe into life. While one side of the cafe faces the street, the other faces the back garden which doubles as the outdoor seating space. The outdoor space is shared with the Roadhouse Cafe Bhatbhateni, which feels really community-friendly in this arrangement.

Pasa Deli by Roadhouse

Being a coffee cafe, Pasa Deli has a simple menu (well, there’s an entire Roadhouse cafe next door!). Pasa Deli introduces Segafredo Zanetti, an Italy-based coffee brand, for the first time in Nepal. Segafredo Zanetti belongs to Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, one of the largest coffee producers in the world.

Pasa in the local Newari language translates to “friend.” Perhaps Pasa Deli aims to be an aesthetic place to hang out with your friends. Pasa Deli is located right next to the Roadhouse cafe, a few meters across the Bhatbhateni shrine.

Also, Pasa Deli is welcoming inquires about franchising opportunities. You can contact them directly, if interested.

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