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You can now order whole wheat pizza at Roadhouse Cafe

You can now order whole wheat pizza at Roadhouse Cafe

Roadhouse Pizza

Roadhouse has launched a new whole wheat dough option for its pizza offerings at no additional cost. It’s been about a week since this option is made available across all Roadhouse Cafe outlets in Kathmandu.

The major difference between Roadhouse’s whole wheat pizza dough and regular pizza dough is that the former uses a combination of whole wheat flour and refined wheat flour, whereas the latter uses only refined wheat flour. Roadhouse, in a statement to The Foodius, said:

People living in Kathmandu have become more Health conscious and of course pizza is also one of the most opted choice for a meal and in order to reach out to our valued customers healthier needs is one of the reasons we created this option for the dough.

Similarly Roadhouse believes in creating a Real Good Taste & a Real Good Time, which also involves being responsible towards promoting healthy eating leading this as a primary cause towards creating this healthy option for pizzas which is one of our signature and most popular item that signifies Roadhouse.

Roadhouse Cafe Nepal

Whole wheat is proven to have various health benefits, including a lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Whole wheat also is high in nutrients and fiber, reduces the risk of obesity, and supports healthy digestion. If you are a health conscious eater, or thinking to transition to a healthier lifestyle, then whole wheat pizza would be a better preference over the regular one.

Roadhouse opened its first outlet in the heart of Thamel in 1992 and since then it has been popular for its firewood pizzas. It has eateries in Thamel, Jhamsikhel, Bhatbhateni, Boudha, Durbar Marg, Labim Mall, Pokhara, and India’s New Delhi.

Roadhouse Cafe’s food menu is available here. You can place your order directly via Roadhouse, or using food delivery services such as Foodmandu, Bhoj, Pathao, and Tato Mitho.

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