You can now order Korean corn dog in Kathmandu from La Kham Kitchen

Korean Corn Dog from La Kham Kitchen

One of Korea’s most popular street foods, the Korean corn dog is now available in Kathmandu. A new cloud kitchen called La Kham Kitchen is bringing this Korean delicacy to Kathmandu’s food eaters.

Korean corn dogs are the local version of American corn dogs in Korea. American corn dogs are very simple when compared with Korean ones. Sausages on a stick are simply deep-fried in a thick cornmeal batter for American corn dogs. But the Korean version seems more versatile with extra crunch and texture. They are generally made from sausages deep-fried on a stick with thick batter and panko breadcrumbs. Korean corn dogs with potatoes are also known as Gamja-Hotdog in Korea. Gamja in Korean translates to potatoes, so it gets the name from the layer of potato coating it has around.

For now, La Kham Kitchen has four types of Korean corn dogs on its menu. The first one, named All Premium Chicken, is the simplest one with batter and panko coating only. Likewise, the second corn dog has an additional cheese filling inside, which is named as Half/Half Mozzarella and Premium Chicken. Both these items are varied further, with an extra layer of potato coating around. And that’s how four Korean corn dogs are offered at La Kham Kitchen.

You can order these Korean corn dogs from La Kham’s Facebook page. The corn dogs are priced at 800 NPR and 1,000 NPR for a pack of three and four, respectively. There’s no mention of which three corn dogs will be available for 800 NPR, though. Perhaps you get to choose that while placing your order. Also, there’s a certain delivery fee associated.

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