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Thai food is now available at Karara Kitchen

Thai food is now available at Karara Kitchen

Karara Kitchen's Thai Cuisine
Thai Red Curry Veg at Karara Kitchen
Thai Red Curry Chicken at Karara Kitchen
Thai Green Curry Karara Kitchen
Thai Basil Tofu at Karara Kitchen +2
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Thai Red Curry Veg at Karara Kitchen

Karara Kitchen announced that it will now serve Thai food to its customers, in addition to its existing menu. There are eight new Thai dishes on the cloud kitchen’s menu, which are available for takeaway and delivery.

When it comes to Thai cuisine, the use of colorful vegetables and layers of texture make it different from other Asian food. Curries, soups, and salads in Thai cuisine use spices and ingredients with a strong aroma. Thai cuisine is so popular these days that three dishes from Thailand made it to CNN’s 2021 list of “The World’s 50 Best Food.”

Talking about Karara’s Thai menu, it consists of Thai curries, snacks, and salad. Both red and green curries have vegetarian and non-vegetarian options to choose from. Som Tam (also known as green papaya salad) from northeastern Thailand is also on the menu.

To taste the flavors of Karara’s Thai selection, you can order the Curry Set or individual food items. It is available in Red and Green Curry Sets and comes with Som Tam, Thai Basil with Chicken or Tofu, and Baked Yogurt. The Curry Set costs 1,690 NPR for the vegetarian option and 1,850 NPR for non-vegetarian. You can also order individual food items, but that will come with a minimum order requirement of 1,000 NPR. Karara’s Thai dishes are available to order through its website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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