Tamarind’s Somewhere in Kathmandu is now open in Naxal

Somewhere in Kathmandu
Somewhere in Kathmandu by Tamarind facade
Somewhere in Kathmandu front
Somewhere in Kathmandu indoor
Somewhere in Kathmandu interior +2
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Somewhere in Kathmandu by Tamarind facade

Somewhere in Kathmandu by Tamarind is now open at Purbi Dhoka, Naxal. This new restaurant serves breakfast, coffee, and snacks. It is also the seventh eatery under Tamarind’s portfolio.

Built inside a shipping container (or at least what looks like a shipping container), Somewhere in Kathmandu looks quite impressive with a contemporary design. Hanging plants and a nearly alfresco seating gives Somewhere in Kathamndu an open feel. The restaurant doesn’t have any structured walls and windows at the front. This feature gives the eatery’s facade a 180-degree view of the street. Although the floor space of the restaurant seems small, the minimal furniture setting creates an illusion of a larger arena which is intriguing.

Somewhere in Kathmandu
Somewhere in Kathmandu / The Foodius

Unlike other restaurants of Tamarind that mostly serve full-course meals, Somewhere in Kathmandu offers a light food menu. By light food, I mean breakfast items, salads, wraps, and some other healthy dishes. One interesting dish I found on the menu is called Body Builder’s Omelet. Somewhere in Kathmandu said that this dish is made from egg whites only and specially curated for bodybuilders. Therefore, it has a high concentration of protein. Furthermore, there’s a handful of coffee and breakfast beverages on the menu.

As far as pricing is concerned, it’s subjective and totally depends on the quality of food and service the restaurant provides. You can navigate to Somewhere in Kathmandu through Google Maps.

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