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Shandar Momo’s new outlet opens in Pulchowk

Shandar Momo’s new outlet opens in Pulchowk

Shandar Momo Pulchowk

Shandar Momo, a momo joint specializing in local momo, has opened a new outlet in Pulchowk, Lalitpur. This location is Shandar’s second outlet in the Lalitpur district, adding up to thirteen locations altogether.

Popular for Buff Momo, Shandar has been in the momo-making business for more than 16 years. One of the things that make Shandar Momo different from other momo joints is its Achar. While other momo places offer savory and spicy Achar, Shandar’s offering complements the meaty texture of its momo with the sweet aroma of the Garam Masala, a blend of ground spices. The sesame-based Achar has a hint of sweet cardamom flavor, too.

For now, Shandar’s menu offers Buff, Chicken, and Veg Momo varieties. But Shandar is planning to bring more flavors to the table. Kiran Shrestha, a spokesperson for Shandar Momo, said that the momo restaurant will be bringing more varieties of local momo soon.

Momo prices at Shandar Momo are quite affordable when compared with other momo restaurants. A plate of Buff Momo at Shandar costs just 120 NPR. Likewise, Shandar’s Chicken Momo and Veg Momo costs 140 NPR and 100 NPR for each place, respectively.

Shandar’s dine-in space is spread over two floors and can accommodate about 40 pax at a time. As of now, Shandar’s Pulchowk outlet is providing takeaway and delivery services. It would be a delight to enjoy warm momo during this rainy weather in Kathmandu.

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