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Khaanpin begins 24 hours food delivery

Khaanpin begins 24 hours food delivery

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Khaanpin has started delivering all day, all night — literally. It’s been nearly two weeks since the cloud kitchen, which is also a mart and bakery, began 24 hours food delivery.

Previously, Khaanpin offered its delivery service from 10AM to 3AM in a day, which was still enough to outrank competitors in terms of the delivery window. But with a 24-hour food delivery service on all of its menu items, Khaanpin just raised the bar to the highest among food delivery providers.

Given the silent roadways in Kathmandu at night, Khaanpin’s all-night food delivery effort would significantly improve the wait time that usually gets stretched due to daytime traffic.

Khaanpin started as a cloud kitchen in 2018 and is actively working towards providing food delivery service in Kathmandu. It has been active even amid the current lockdown in Kathmandu long before other food delivery services and eateries resumed takeaway and delivery services.

You can place your order through Khaanpin’s website.

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