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Delicacies by Talia has a selection of fusion and classic desserts

Delicacies by Talia has a selection of fusion and classic desserts

Delicacies by Talia
Classic Chocolate Cupcake from Delicacies by Talia
Masala Chiya Cupcake from Delicacies by Talia
Banoffee Cupcake from Delicacies by Talia
Gajar Halwa Cupcake from Delicacies by Talia +1
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Classic Chocolate Cupcake from Delicacies by Talia

Delicacies by Talia is a newly launched online dessert bar that offers a variety of fusion and classic desserts. It is created as a “celebration of people’s culture and community,” according to Talia, founded by three young women who are in their early 20s.

The name, Talia, is actually a portmanteau of the three founder’s names. Talia says the founders are handling all operations at the moment, with each founder having their own area of expertise. The head baker, for instance, has been extensively trained in culinary arts at the Le Corden Bleu culinary school in Dusit Thani, Thailand.

Talia introduced an array of fusion and classic cupcakes, which will see expansion in flavors gradually. On the menu, there are household-inspired flavors such as Gajar Halwa with juju dhau frosting and Masala Chiya with milk tea frosting.

In addition to traditional cupcakes, the menu also has other unique flavors such as Banoffee with toffee buttercream frosting. The specialty of this flavor is the banana and toffee compote in the center. Plus, the toffee used in the frosting and compote is custom-made by Talia’s chef. Another flavorful offering is the Classic Chocolate with dark chocolate ganache which is popular and loved by many people already.

Meaning “dew from heaven” in Hebrew, TALIA aims to not only support your sweet cravings, but also the community by sourcing all possible ingredients locally.

Delicacies by Talia

As of now, all the available products are vegetarian except for the recently introduced Juju Dhau Mini Bites which uses whipped egg whites for the base to get the crunchy texture. The vegetarian-friendly selection itself looks amazing given how creative Talia is with the flavors.

An impressive factor about Delicacies by Talia is the playful nature it has shown in regards to the flavors, alongside its decision to work with local vendors. Talia says it sources all possible ingredients from local vendors – including those from Indra Chowk, Bhaktapur, Chhetrapati, and the Kalimati fruit and vegetable market – to support the local community after the financial hardships they faced amid the global health crisis.

As an online dessert bar, Delicacies by Talia is operating from 9AM to 6PM every day. Deliveries are fulfilled from Sunday to Friday, with self-pickup available on Saturday – both on a two-day pre-order basis. You can place your order through Talia’s Instagram, or head to Talia’s Instagram highlights to know about alternate ways to order.

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