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Roadhouse will now begin franchising its restaurants

Roadhouse will now begin franchising its restaurants

Roadhouse Cafe Jhamsikhel at Night

Roadhouse, a leading hospitality group housing names like Roadhouse Cafe and Mezze, will be expanding its business through franchising. The restaurant chain is now accepting applications for franchisees from potential partners.

The journey of Roadhouse started in 1992 when its first restaurant was established in the touristic neighborhood of Thamel. The name was inspired by the hit song “Roadhouse Blues” by The Door. Roadhouse quickly became popular due to its Italian food and aesthetics. The Signature Wood-Fired Pizzas are by far the most popular Roadhouse offerings. The restaurant also serves Pasta (that too in a great portion), light starters, and snacks.

Roadhouse currently operates nine restaurants across Kathmandu, Pokhara, and India’s New Delhi. This includes La Dolce Vita, Mezze by Roadhouse, Roadhouse Pizzeria, and Roadhouse Cafe.

Roadhouse Calling Out For Franchisees

For those who are interested in Roadhouse’s franchising, the hospitality firm explains that it will support the franchisees with hands-on training and required equipment to succeed. The franchisee, obviously, will have to pay a certain amount of royalty to the Roadhouse brand in return. But it is unclear how exactly the terms and conditions of the franchise model will work with Roadhouse hospitality on the other side.

Roadhouse claims that the franchisees can capitalize on its five million-plus consumer base, and it has a strong “digital innovation plan.”

Franchising is an American invention that has seen immense popularity around the world. Kathmandu has its own share of local and international franchises in the restaurant space. Himalayan Java Coffee, Redmud Cafe, Dalle are some of the local businesses operating in the franchise model. International eateries such as KFC and Pizza Hut also follow franchising.

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