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Pathao launches Bazaar in Kathmandu

Pathao launches Bazaar in Kathmandu

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Pathao today launched Pathao Bazaar in Kathmandu. The newly added service lets you order groceries from select vendors and promises to deliver them within just 30 minutes (at least for now).

Pathao Bazaar currently features three different vendors: Infi Store, Daily Grocery, and Mato. Pathao says it will be adding more vendors over time.

Infi Store is an e-commerce platform with a wide range of items, however, the persistent lockdown (which is now extended for another week, again) has led it to focus more on foodstuff and daily essentials lately. Likewise, Daily Grocery addresses consumers’ grocery list with 18 store outlets across Kathmandu.

Mato has a wide range of organically produced vegetables and fruits. While Pathao’s announcement mentions Mato as one of its early collaborators, it’s not visible on the Pathao mobile app yet, unlike Infi Store and Daily Groceries, as of writing this article. Perhaps Pathao is taking an incremental approach.

Pathao Bazaar

The Bangladeshi ride-hailing app started with two-wheeler ride-sharing in Kathmandu back in 2018. It is now a leading ride-sharing platform in Kathmandu, with a presence in extended categories like Games, Food, and now Bazaar.

Pathao Bazaar looks similar to Pathao Shop which is full-fledged e-commerce in Bangladesh with a section dedicated to groceries, among others. It is currently limited to grocery shopping amid the lockdown, but the name itself suggests the possibility of a shopping experience beyond just grocery.

You can download Pathao for Android and iOS from the Play Store and App Store, respectively.

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