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Here’s where you can order food and essentials during this lockdown

Here’s where you can order food and essentials during this lockdown

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Due to the necessary restrictions set by the local authorities, eating our favorite food out has been impossible — for good. Notably, it has also impacted essential food supplies, leaving consumers exposed to crowds while shopping for daily essentials in the local market.

Such behavior puts lives of people at risk in a world where COVID-19 is still persistent.

The following list can help you navigate through your options for shopping groceries, cooked food, bakery items, and daily essentials during this lockdown. It’s based on how active these services are, as of writing this article.


Khaanpin is a popular cloud kitchen, mart, and bakery coupled together. It’s currently offering delivery services from 10AM to 3AM NPT in Kathmandu, as usual. The best part about ordering from Khaanpin has to be the fact that it tries to deliver within 70-90 minutes after you place an order.

It offers cooked food — including American, Italian, Indian, and Nepalese cuisines — straight from the kitchen, in addition to groceries and bakery items. The grocery options are pretty limited, though. The food menu is available on Khaanpin’s website.


Formerly known as Bhojdeals, the delivery service currently has more than 20 restaurants providing cooked food through its platform. While initially Bhoj just delivered food from restaurants, it has added groceries and everyday essentials to the bucket, too.

Bhoj has a handful of vendors on the list, including Salesberry, KK Mart, Mero Kishan, and Piano Piano Express, among others, which translates to more products for consumers from one service. Deliveries from Bhoj have a minimum requirement on the cart depending on the order. Bhoj servers in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur as of now. The Bhoj app is available for Android and iOS.


The third option on the list is Foodganj, which has been gaining popularity lately, available for Android and iOS. It serves from restaurants, its own kitchen, and from various vendors for groceries and daily essentials. In the vendor list, it has Sabji Land, Yangkus Momos, Meatco Food Nepal, Salesberry, and more. The delivery time is between 7AM to 3AM NPT.

Mero Groceries

Mero Groceries (My Groceries) is a relatively new name among others on this list. From groceries to daily requirements, the service has you covered in Kathmandu.

It offers same-day delivery as well as next-day delivery depending on the order. For essential vegetables, it’s advised to place your order at least a day in advance. You can directly message Mero Groceries on Instagram to place your order.

Foodmandu Fresh

Foodmandu is popular and well-renowned when talking about food delivery services, so it’s no surprise that it has resumed delivering groceries during this lockdown. It’s calling it Foodmandu Fresh, a wing launched last year to deliver groceries and essentials in addition to its initial restaurant food delivery.

The products are supplied from different vendors such as Sabji Land, Kathmandu Coffee, and Wellness Health Food Shop (Organic), among others. There are also bakery deliverables from Baker’s Den.

Foodmandu Fresh is currently active in Kathmandu and delivers from 6PM to 9PM NPT in the evening during this lockdown. The Foodmandu app is available for Android and iOS.

While the above-mentioned services are actively delivering now, there might be some unexpected delay in delivery due to the high number of orders coming through or the restrictions imposed. It’s best to order early if you’re planning to.

There is currently no evidence that people can catch COVID-19 from food or food packaging. COVID-19 is a respiratory illness and the transmission route is through person-to-person contact and through direct contact with respiratory droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

World Health Organization

The current pandemic has changed lives and affected us, as we know it. The consistent active COVID-19 cases are alarming and can cause anybody to panic. In times like such, it’s best advised to stay at home and avoid human contact. For urgent situations, however, please adhere to the safety guidelines from World Health Organization.

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