Deli Akuj has a new product on its shelf, Pistachio cream

Pistachio Cream by Deli Akuj

Deli Akuj has introduced Pistachio cream, a new offering on its shelf. The creamy spread comes in a jar of 200 grams with Deli Akuj’s label. It’s available to order now

Deli Akuj is a popular cafe in the neighborhood of Gairidhara, particularly known for breakfast, brunch, desserts, and illy coffee, of course. The cafe and the dishes both are Instagrammable, too.

Pistachio is a flavorful nut and a member of the cashew family, coming from the Pistacia vera tree. Deli Akuj has undoubtedly made a mouth-watering item out of this delicious nut. The ingredients include Italian pistachios, veg oil, sugar, milk, soy lecithin, and contains traces of nuts and lactose, according to Deli Akuj.

Deli Akuj recommends Pistachio cream to be eaten with a warm croissant or over toasted bread. You can also enjoy this creamy treat with almost anything edible as it’s a topping; vanilla ice cream or gelato could be an intriguing choice.

Pistachio is an ideal nut for breakfast or for a tasty and energy-rich snack: we recommend a teaspoon of our pistachio cream on toasted bread or simple a spoonful for some self-indulgence 😉

Deli Akuj

Pistachio has many health benefits suggesting that this product is not just delicious but also healthy. The low-calorie nut is loaded with nutrients, including fiber, protein, potassium, thiamine, and vitamin B6. Plus, pistachio is high in antioxidants and may aid in weight loss. You can learn more about the benefits of pistachio on Healthline

Pistachio cream by Deli Akuj is available to order now for the price of 699 NPR. Likewise, there’s also a chocolate hazelnut spread that is palm oil-free and costs 599 NPR. You can either takeaway from Deli Akuj, or get it delivered to select locations; delivery charges apply, depending on the order.

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