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You can now order Thakali food for a monthly subscription

You can now order Thakali food for a monthly subscription

Thakali Khana Subscription

Thakali Khana, a recently commenced business, has introduced a monthly subscription-based Thakali menu in Kathmandu. The food delivery service also accepts one-time orders.

Thakali Khana’s menu is quite simple and literal to its name. There are two varieties of meals to choose from. One being the Thakali Khana Set that comes with all the essentials including Special Rice, Special Daal, Gundruk, Achar, Saag (stir-fried local greens like mustard leaves, spinach), and more. To finish off, there’s also Dahi (yogurt).

The Nepali Khana Set is near identical to the former, but instead of Special Daal it has normal Daal to accompany the plain rice. Other items including Saag, Achar, and greens stay the same. Both meals include Chicken curry twice a week for meat-eaters, or Mushroom and Paneer dishes for vegetarians.

You can choose between Thakali Khana Set and Nepali Khana Set, as per your preference, available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. After subscribing, you will receive two full meals at your doorsteps every day.

Thakali food is undoubtedly one of the most popular cuisines in Nepal. The credit for introducing Thakali cuisine goes to the Thakali people originating from the Thak Khola region of Mustang, the fifth largest district of Nepal. It’s a much sought-after meal among locals as well as tourists in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

The increasing COVID-19 cases in recent days have led to the extension of the prohibitory order in Kathmandu till May 27, meaning businesses and services aren’t allowed to operate as usual to avoid mass gatherings. Most of the eateries, for instance, are either closed or offering home delivery. In such a situation, Thakali Khana can be a useful service especially to those who have issues cooking themselves, or living a very busy life (even at home).

Pricing for the Thakali Khana Set is set at 7,000 NPR while the Nepali Khana Set at 5,000 NPR monthly. There’s also a delivery charge associated (free in some cases) depending on your location. You can subscribe to Thakali Khana through its website.

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