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Tamarind to open a new eatery in Naxal

Tamarind to open a new eatery in Naxal

Tamarind Khaja Ghar

Tamarind Khaja Ghar is planning to open a new eatery in Naxal soon. The forthcoming restaurant is located at Purbi Dhoka, Naag Pokhari in Naxal, and is under construction, as spotted by The Foodius.

The Khaja Ghar teased a concept video of the eatery on social media, offering a glimpse of the shipping container-based design. It appears to have a contemporary feel while incorporating the use of more metal and wood in decor, a trendy aesthetic setting. However, it’s still a concept video. We’ll have to wait to see how it really looks in the real world when it opens.

The shared post also reads “Coffee Bar by Tamarind,” which sounds like a potential name for the place. If what we’re reading is correct, then Tamarind will have three service outlets under its name in Kathmandu.

Tamarind Khaja Ghar is a family-style restaurant and serves mostly Nepali, Newari, and Japanese delicacies. The Coffee Bar will be a new addition to Tamarind’s circle of eateries, which includes Tamarind Restro and Bar, Tamarind Khaja Ghar, Zen Bistro and Cafe, Oskar Bar and Grill, Brewed Cafe, and Embassy.

We’ll update the story stream as we inch closer to the restaurant opening, stay tuned.

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