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Jimbu Thakali by Capital Grill is coming to Baneshwor

Jimbu Thakali by Capital Grill is coming to Baneshwor

Jimbu Thakali Baneshwor Opening Soon

Jimbu Thakali by Capital Grill, a restaurant specializing in Thakali cuisine, is planning to open a new outlet in New Baneshwor. The forthcoming outlet will be Jimbu’s third restaurant in Kathmandu, located inside the All in One Mart building which is in the same lane as the International Convention Center. The building also accommodates Nepal SBI Bank, Life Insurance Corporation, and The Spice Lounge.

The journey of Jimbu Thakali started back in 2011 when the owner Vivek Sherchan returned to Kathmandu from the United States. While in the States he worked in hospitality and decided to open an American-style eatery in Kathmandu upon his arrival. Sherchan firstly opened Capital Grill and Bar near the famous Bhatbhetini temple in Kathmandu. Years later, Sherchan along with his mother Prabha Sherchan moved to Tangal to start Jimbu Thakali by Capital Grill.

After the relocation, Jimbu started serving Thakali food platter along with many other dishes, especially from the American cuisine. The restaurant offers Thakali Khana Set and a variety of Thakali snacks like Dhung and Kanchamba, on the Thakali front. Jimbu’s menu is also an amalgam of Thakali and Continental flavors as of writing this article. It would be a delight to find these dishes in the New Baneshwor outlet as well.

The Jimbu Thakali Baneshwor outlet is still under construction and given the prohibitory order imposed in Kathmandu, we’re likely to see the restaurant opening pushed by at least a few weeks. We’ll keep you updated as new development happens on this story. Until then stay home, stay safe!

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