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Hankook Sarang Korean Restaurant opens new outlet in Thamel

Hankook Sarang Korean Restaurant opens new outlet in Thamel

Hankook Sarang Korean Restaurant Thamel

Hankook Sarang Korean Restaurant has opened its second outlet in Thamel. The restaurant – not to be confused with Kathmandu Hankook Sarang – has been providing an authentic Korean culinary experience since 2002 at its first outlet in Tangal.

The new Hankook Sarang is located opposite the Sanchaya Kosh Bhawan, which is merely walking distance from Thamel’s main entrance road. The Korean restaurant is housed at the same location where Melrose Restaurant was before it permanently shut down late last year.

Hankook Sarang Korean Restaurant Thamel
Hankook Sarang Korean Restaurant Thamel

Korean cuisine is often perceived as a healthier food choice due to its richness in vegetables, high-quality meat, and soup. The assortment of numerous Banchan (side dishes) brings more flavors to the table; the side dishes look like add-ons but are an essential part of any Korean meal. Kathmandu has seen a rise in Korean restaurants in the past decade, with the growing influence of K-pop and Korean culture amongst the young crowd.

More than Korean food

The delight of eating at Hankook Sarang must be the attachment of Korean culture in the dining experience. Hankook Sarang’s Tangal outlet itself represents a traditional Korean house that has a courtyard decorated with a Koi pond at the center. Kathmandu eaters can definitely sense the traditional aura inside the restaurant while tasting the flavors of Korean cuisine.

At Hankook Sarang Thamel, the story is no different. Stepping inside the Hankook Sarang restaurant will surely feel like being in a Korean village. The central garden and stoned walls attempt to impress customers with a naturalistic feel that’s rare to find in this neighborhood. So, Hankook Sarang doesn’t just bring Korean cuisine to the table but also surrounds its customers with traditional Korean culture.

Kimchi Mandu Jeongol Hankook Sarang
Kimchi Mandu Jeongol

If Momo tastes good to you, then you can try Sarang’s Kimchi Mandu Jeongol, a hot pot dish that has dumplings, tofu, mushroom, and vegetables. You can prepare your own hot pot by adding these ingredients into the boiling Kimchi-based soup. The waiters will arrange a cooktop for the dish. Besides Kimchi Mandu Jeongol, there are numerous dishes that you can try. The restaurant menu is available on Hankook Sarang’s website.

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