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Dalle, BHOJ, B2B Hospitality, and Applex juice jointly initiate ‘Share-a-Meal’ campaign

Dalle, BHOJ, B2B Hospitality, and Applex juice jointly initiate ‘Share-a-Meal’ campaign

Food from Share-a-Meal Campaign

Kathmandu’s Dalle, BHOJ (previously Bhojdeals), B2B Hospitality, and Applex juice have initiated the “Share-a-Meal” campaign together. This joint effort supports many frontline medical workers and volunteers by providing them with free lunch boxes on a daily basis.

Due to the extension of the prohibitory order in Kathmandu for at least an additional week, non-essential businesses and services will remain closed. While this means a shelter-in-place for most people, healthcare workers and volunteers have been regularly providing their services throughout this period. The “Share-a-Meal” initiative is a step toward helping these professionals, who are relentlessly serving in healthcare amidst the pandemic, with fresh and hygienic meals every day.

Why are we doing this: To support the volunteers and frontliners with difficult and non stop pandemic work that they are doing. With fresh and delicious meals, they have one less thing to worry about and look forward to something yummy. Gives them a good break 😊


The Share-a-Meal campaign is regularly providing free lunch boxes to volunteers and healthcare professionals across multiple hospitals and healthcare centers, including Patan Hospital, Shukraraj Tropical & Infectious Disease Hospital, and JJ Clinic. Likewise, the volunteers of Hami Nepal Youth Organization are also receiving the meal service.

Share-a-Meal Campaign on BHOJ food delivery app.
Share-a-Meal on BHOJ food delivery app.

If you’re interested in helping this campaign, then you can contribute through the BHOJ food delivery app. It costs just 125 NPR plus payment method charges to share a meal. The BHOJ food delivery app is available on the App Store and Play Store.

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