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Yum Yum Cafe opening soon in Durbar Marg

Yum Yum Cafe opening soon in Durbar Marg

Yum Yum Cafe

Yum Yum Cafe is opening a new outlet in Durbar Marg very soon. It will be Yum Yum’s second eatery, after the first one in Jhamsikhel.

Being an Asian Fusion restaurant, Yum Yum Cafe mostly serves unique dishes which are different to normal Asian flavors. The wide variety of Dim Sum it serves comes with a generous amount of dips and garnish. However, only four-piece serving size per order might be a little for hungry eaters.

Sushi on Yum Yum’s menu is made from many exotic ingredients. For example, the Fuji Maki Sushi has a papaya, cream cheese, and cucumber filling and comes with Ponzu mayonnaise dressing. The citrus flavor of Ponzu sauce when mixed with cream cheese provides a dessert-like essence to the dish. One can also find an abundant amount of Seafood dishes and Chinese cuisine-inspired curries on the bill of fare.

Yum Yum Cafe hasn’t disclosed an opening date for the Durbar Marg outlet just yet, but the restaurant opening seems imminent, given the “very soon” promotion, if everything goes as planned.

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