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Santorini-themed restaurant, Aema-K opens in Boudha

Santorini-themed restaurant, Aema-K opens in Boudha

Aema-K Boudha

Adorning the food map of Kathmandu, a new restaurant named Aema-K opened in Boudha last week. This rooftop restaurant is located at Shivrupam Complex, Fulbari, a few minutes walk from the famous UNESCO monument, Baudhanath Stupa.

The white walls, stone floor, and blue-tinted furniture make Aema-K a picturesque location. The restaurant’s white-and-blue ambiance resembles the prominent attractions of Greece, namely Santorini island, which is quite popular among restaurants in Kathmandu lately. The eatery has ample alfresco dining as well as sheltered seating.

Despite being a Santorini-themed restaurant, the menu has more Continental and local food to offer than Greek. Some dishes from the Greek platter include Souvlaki, Greek Pita Sandwich, and Greek Pizza. It would have been a big delight if Aema-K introduced more dishes from the Greek cuisine.

Food at Aema-K

Our mission is to give our customers a place to celebrate life’s special moments by offering the best food, service, and cozy ambient environment for your leisure time at Boudha, Kathmandu.

Enjoy the Greek delicacies with combination of local ingredients.

Aema-K Restaurant & Bar

If you happen to be around Boudha and feel like being in a place where you can enjoy clicking pictures for your Instagram, then Aema-K can be on your list.

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