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Chimes Restaurant to host Greek Food Night on March 26

Chimes Restaurant to host Greek Food Night on March 26

Greek Food Night at Chimes Restaurant

Chimes Restaurant is hosting Greek Food Night on March 26. The event will begin welcoming guests 5PM onwards inside restaurant premises in Sanepa, Lalitpur.

The food festival is happening in association with the Greek Consulate of Nepal to celebrate Greek Independence Day, which is observed on March 25 every year. It will be a one-day Greek culinary gathering.

Chimes touts to bring “European quality food” at an affordable price in Nepal. The restaurant serves a variety of European cuisines in general, but for the Greek Food Night, the plates will have only high-rated Greek food.

Greek Cuisine is highly influenced by Mediterranean flavors. Ingredients like olive oil, mixed herbs, and yogurt are used frequently in Greek kitchens. Salads, dips, and fresh vegetables make Greek food healthy and liked by many health-conscious diners.

Chimes has ample garden space and a peaceful dining environment for the food fest to be a good weekend plan for many Kathmandu dwellers. Although there isn’t any provision for tickets, interested ones are suggested to book their tables ahead. You can check out Chimes Restaurant’s Instagram for reservation details.

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